Coppermines Copper Project


Copper extractions in Coniston dates back to the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth introduced skilled German workers to the mine operations here in Coniston. Coniston copper mining flourished and continued to be mined up until the 1950s.

The Coniston Copper Project is all about conserving, promoting and enjoying Coniston’s world famous copper-mining heritage.

Funded by at £450,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund the Coniston Copper Project will run until 2018.

The project focuses on the repair and conservation of ten historic copper-mining structures.

The project will also offer volunteering opportunities and the chance for people to get involved.

A partnership between the Lake District National Park, land owners (Coppermines Cottages & Rydal Estates), YHA Coniston, Grizedale Arts and Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society and the Ruskin Museum.

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