#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #4 Conistons Old Man.

As my wife will tell you, to her annoyance, I have an unhealthy ambition to one day be The Old Man of Coniston. You know, the crazy grey-haired pensioner who does his weekly shopping on horseback while herding his flock of lamas down the high street because they just really needed a walk. I really want to be that guy. Sadly, I have chosen the wrong town to live in if I want to be The Old Man of Coniston because I will always be trumped by the real Old Man of Coniston – the 803m mountain towing into the clouds.

6 Fantastic Family Walks Near Coniston

By Rachael Parkin

Walking is such a simple thing – most of us do it every single day. But here in the Lake District walking is even more special with endless opportunities to explore and discover so pack a picnic, lace up your boots and head out to create some memories that will last a lifetime.

Our cottages are located within some of the country’s most stunning scenery and there is no better way to take it all in than embarking on a rejuvenating, family walk. Stretch your legs, breathe in some fresh Cumbrian air and enjoy the wonderful views along the way.

#explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #3 Life on the Water

The Lake District. It says in the name – Lake. Ironically there is only one ‘Lake’ - Bassenthwaite Lake. Most of the rest are actually Waters. When I decided on a whim to move to the Lakes as I mentioned in July’s blog there were two reasons, mountains and Lakes. I need both in my life to feel alive. It’s hard to explain but Mum did always tell me I was a water baby and would constantly be found lying belly down in any puddle I could find, literally any, even manure puddles weren’t off limits for me apparently.

Things to do in The Lakes this October Half Term

by Rachael Parkin

Autumn is the perfect time to visit the Lake District, the ever-changing nature of the season is a wonder to behold and no two days are alike. Take in the magnificent mosaic of colours, dodge the showers by ducking into a warm, welcoming pub and sit back and watch the world transform around you. Cooler days, a spectacular autumnal landscape and fewer crowds also make October the perfect time to spend glorious days walking and cosy evening’s fireside.

#explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #2 Escaping the Crowds, Coniston Valley.

The Lake District is one of the best places to explore in England and has fuelled creative and exploring minds for centuries. Spending time in the mountains has huge benefits both physically and mentally. The one downside can be that some of the ‘famous’ routes and mountains can be slightly busy during certain times of the year which can take away from the whole reason you wanted to come up here in the first place. Don’t fear though, there is a simple solution to avoid the crowds, and it comes in the form of small green dotted lines – footpath, byways and bridleways.

The Tour of Britain is coming (this September)…

It was recently announced that two legends of cycling will be riding through Cumbria next month (how exciting!)

Tour de France champion Geraint Thomas and Giro d’Italia winner Chris Froome will ride together through the county over two consecutive days as part of the Tour of Britain – making it the first time the pair have taken part in an event together for almost ten years.

#explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #1 The Call of The Lake District

Exciting news, over the coming months we will be partnering up alongside extreme adventurer and Coniston resident Mr Sean Conway to highlight the beauty and endless adventures on tap here in the Lake District.

Follow us as we explore what makes the area around us so fantastic.

Before we get started here's a little introduction from Sean on how he found himself here in the beautiful Lakes.

Over to you Sean...

The Call of The Lake District ...

Mindfulness is waiting for you here in the Lakes...

In this technology driven day and age it’s not uncommon for us all to feel a little run down, tired and generally anxious. We constantly rush through life without stopping to take notice of what effect this has on our wellbeing.

Sound familiar? If you’re feeling this way then it may be time to take a step back from your everyday routine. Take time out, reset and recharge.

Family Fun Guaranteed in the Lakes this Summer

It may not come as a surprise to many that the Lake District is classed as the UK's number 1 visitor destination (hooray). Year after year, new and returning visitors are wowed by its stunning scenery, vibrant villages and incredible calendar of events.


- 9 countries, 3,980 miles, 24 days, 18 hours and 39 minutes –

Recently described by Radio 2 as Britain’s favourite lunatic, endurance athlete Sean Conway has set a new world record for the fastest, unsupported crossing of Europe by bicycle. Sean has broken the world record by 9 hours after cycling 3,980 miles (6,405 kilometres) in 24 days, 18 hours and 39 minutes. Sean cycled across Europe starting from Cabo da Roca on the west coast of Portugal and finished in Ufa in Russia. Sean arrived in Ufa at 15.40 local time.